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MegaShift™ V2.00 Transmission Stimulator

We offer an upgraded version 2.00 of the TranStim™ transmission stimulator for the MShift™ automatic transmission controller (designed for use with the GPIO and MShift™ code, but it will work with any transmission controller for the 4L60E, as well as many other modern electronically controlled transmission controllers).

The TranStim™ transmission stimulator will help you to:

The TranStim™ transmission stimulator has:

The board is 2.5" x 4". Users can either:

A Digi-Key automated order BOM for the TranStim™ transmission stimulator is here: V2.00 Trans Stim. You will need these parts plus a TranStim™ printed circuit board.

The build instructions are here: V2.00 Build Instructions

Ordering a V2.00 TransStim™ Stimulator PCB

TransStim™ stimulator PCBs are now available exclusively through DIYAutotune: TransStim™ transmission stimulator at Click the link to go to DIYAutotune's website to purchase a V2.00 TransStim™ stimulator printed circuit board.

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