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Bill of Materials - Digi-Key Order Form

MegaShift™ Trans Stim v2.00

This is the MegaShift™ transmission stimulator (aka. TranStim™) ordering form for Digi-Key. It will allow you to assemble the MegaShift™ TranStim™ stimulator with just a printed circuit board (PCB) and case. Note that some additional parts may be required, as noted near the bottom of the form.

Change any quantities to the numbers you want, and click the button to send your order to Digi-Key.

Quantities are as required for MegaShiftTranStim™ stimulator (or the minimum ordering quantity if applicable).

To order complete the following steps:

  1. Verify that you have the quantities you want for each item below.

  2. Then send your order to Digi-Key:

    You will be redirected to Digi-Key to confirm your order items and quantities. (Go to Ordering Homepage and click on "New Cart" under 'Cart Tools' if you want to start over with an blank order after you have clicked the button above.)

  3. Finalize your order by clicking on the 'finish order' button on the Digi-Key site. Verify your order, payment method, and shipping details. The order will not be complete until you have finished this step.

MegaShift™ stim
Digi-Key P/N
per kit
Pot, 10K 0.96 1.92
Pot, 1M 1.55 1.55
Brake switch (red) 0.66 0.66
Downshift switch (black) 0.66 0.66
Upshift switch (green) 0.66 0.66
Rotary switch 6.90 6.90
2 terminal block 0.34 0.68
4 terminal block 0.99 1.98
12 terminal block 2.96 2.96
470 Ohm resistor 0.07 1.05
1.0K Ohm resistor 0.064 0.32
LED 0.351 4.21
Capacitor, 0.01uF 0.19 0.19
Capacitor, 0.1uF 0.22 0.44
Diode, DO-41 0.32 1.28
Transistor, NPN 0.42 0.42
LM555 timer IC 0.54 0.54
LM555 socket 0.18 0.18
2-position header 0.25 0.25
Jumper 0.12 0.12
Shipping and processing may be extra, depending on your location and order size $27.96
Here are the other parts you'll need to build your transmission stimulator: Some MegaSquirt® Related Links:
  1. V2.00 TranStim™ Printed Circuit Board (PCB)

  2. (4) 3/16" bolts (aka. #10 bolts) ~1" to 2" long (or 4mm x 25mm to 50mm) - available at any hardware store

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