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V2.00 GPIO Boards

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V2.00 PCB

V2.00 Silkscreen

V2.10 Silkscreen
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The V2.00 GPIO boards are the same as V2.10 boards, except:
  1. On the V2.00 GPIO boards there are errors on the silkscreen labeling at the 25x2 header. The silkscreen on the 25x2 Header has been corrected on V2.10 PCBs (the circuit layout did not change, only the labels were incorrect):
    Port Pin
    Adjacent Connection
    (all boards)
    V2.10 GPIO Board
    V2.00 GPIO Board

    For example, here are the jumpers for MegaShift™ controlling a 4L60E transmission:

    Double check that you have jumpered the correct locations. The picture above is a V2.00 boards, so you can see the silkscreen errors. V2.10 jumpers go to the same physical locations, but the labels have been corrected and won't match the silkscreen in the above illustration.

  2. The board length has been shortened from 6.00" on the V2.00 boards to 5.89" on the V2.10 boards to allow for the ampseal connector:
    For earlier V2.00 GPIO boards the endplate should look approximately like the illustration below:

  3. The silkscreen for the V2.10 boards was amended slightly to visually label and separate the circuits with dashed borders to allow for easier identification of component locations for all the curcuits.

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