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Bill of Materials - Digi-Key Order Form

MegaSquirt® V2.00 GPIO w/ MegaShift™

This is the V2.00 GPIO component parts ordering form for Digi-Key. It will allow you to assemble the V2.00 GPIO Board with just a printed circuit board (PCB) with the SMT components installed and a case. Note that some additional parts will be required, as noted near the bottom of the form.

Quantities are as required for default V2.00 GPIO/MegaShift™ build, with the EGT circuits used for variable resistance or voltage input (not a thermocouple), and TIP120 transistors used on the VB921 circuits (you may need other components if you are doing a 'non-standard' build).

Note: Normally you will order a complete kit from a distributor, this BOM is provided for reference only.

To order complete the following steps:

  1. Verify that you have the quantities you want for each item below.

  2. Then send your order to Digi-Key:

    You will be redirected to Digi-Key to confirm your order items and quantities. (Go to Ordering Homepage and "CREATE NEW ORDER" if you want to start over with an order after you have submitted it.)

  3. Finalize your order by clicking on the 'finish order' button on the Digi-Key site. Verify your order, payment method, and shipping details. The order will not be complete until you have finished this step.

Digi-Key P/N
per kit
I/O-CPU Header, 25x2, 0.100
(Can use wire jumpers instead.)
5.34 5.34
Jumpers, 0.100
(Can use wire jumpers instead.)
0.093 2.79
Diode, 1A, 1N4001 0.136 0.136
Diode, 5.6V Zener 0.41 4.10
Diode, 30V Zener 0.41 3.28
Capacitor, 47pF, 200V, Radial 0.29 0.29
Capacitor, 470pF, 100V, Radial 0.39 0.39
Capacitor, 0.001 uF, 100V 0.17 1.02
Capacitor, 0.1 uF 0.21 0.84
Capacitor, 1.0 uF, 50V 1.40 1.40
LM2937-5.0 Voltage Regulator 1.65 1.65
TIP120 Transistor 0.56 4.48
Mica Insulator Kit, TO-220 1.95 15.60
Transistor, ZTX450 0.84 2.52
Transistor, NPN 0.11 0.66
Resistor, 120 Ohms, 1/4W (CAN termination) 0.052 0.27
Resistor, 330 Ohms, 1/8W 0.052 0.54
Resistor, 1.0K Ohms, 1/8W 0.052 1.56
Bias resistor, 2.49K Ohms, 1% 0.098 0.49
Resistor, 10K Ohm, 1/8W 0.052 0.26
Resistor, 15K Ohm, 1/8W 0.052 0.26
Resistor, 33K Ohms, 1/8W 0.052 0.26
Resistor, 220K Ohms, 1/8W 0.052 0.26
Resistor, 300K Ohms, 1/8W 0.052 0.26
Resistor, 2M Ohms, 1/8W 0.052 0.26
Bootloader/EGTx Header, 40x1, 0.100"
Cut to suit.
1.59 1.59
BDM header, 3x2, 0.100" 2.22 2.22
Shipping and processing may be extra, depending on your location and order size $55.77
Here are the other parts you'll need to build your GPIO: Some MegaSquirt® Related Links:
Printed Circuit Board (PCB) with SMD components installed, BDM and bootloader headers installed, and serial monitor loaded, connector and harness pigtail,

LMB-Heeger case - EAS-400 - you can purchase the case from directly LMB in single unit quantities (click the link).

Serial Cable: If you do not have an appropriate serial cable (such as the one from a Innovate LC-1, or MicroSquirt® EFI controller, or as supplied with production GPIO units), you will also need:

  • Serial Jack Cable, CP-254CS-ND, $5.04
  • DB9 Serial Connector, 4109FE-ND, $3.36
  • DB9 Serial Connector Hood, 976-09RPE-ND, $1.39

Serial Jack: Mouser KC-300416 (161-2502) - not currently available from Digi-Key.

Nylon Screws: #4/40 - Digi-Key P/N H550-ND - 0.0926ea. & Nylon Nuts - 4/40 - P/N H616-ND - 0.105ea. You need 1 of each for the voltage regulator (U1), but there is a 100 minimum quantity for each from Digi-Key. You can try locally, look for them in hobby shops that sell radio control hardware. You CAN substitute steel screw hardware. Just be careful with the plastic casing, make sure the metal screws do not cut the plastic and cause a short circuit. You may want to put a dab of fingernail polish or something similar on the screw/nut interface to help prevent them backing off due to vibration.

Heat sink: You will need a 5/8" x 4" (15.8mm x 100mm) piece of aluminum, 0.80" to 0.125" (2mm to 3mm) thick to make the heat sink.

Jumper wire: ~20-22 gauge wire (about 4"/100mm) for making jumper connections.

Normally open pushbutton switches for the manual shift functions.

LEDs and suitable resistors for the gear indicators.

Ampseal Crimp Contacts and Seals: If you need replacement contacts (either gold or tin) for each of the Ampseal pins:

  • Gold Contacts: Ampseal 770854-3, Digi-Key 770854-3-ND (46¢ ea.), Mouser 571-7708543 (39¢ ea.). These are listed in the Digi-Key BOM above, but with a quantity of zero,
  • Tin Contacts: Ampseal 770854-1, Mouser 571-7708541 (17¢ ea.), Digi-Key 770520-1-ND, 6.5¢ but minimum order of 25000.
  • Seals: Ampseal 770678-1. Not available from either Mouser or Digi-Key, google for sources.

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