GPIO vs Microsquirt TCU

A forum for discussing applications and implementations of the MegaShift transmission controller code for the GPIO from B&G. This can control up to 8-speeds and 6 shift solenoids (plus a 16x9 table for controlling a PWM line pressure valve). It has manual and fully automatic modes (16x9 load x speed table), with under and over rev-limit protection, and full data logging of all inputs and outputs (among many other abilities). A TransStim to test your completed board is also available.
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GPIO vs Microsquirt TCU

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Whats better?
I understand the microsquirt can tcu has a nice plug and play harness now but for a custom application this would not be helpful so what are the advantages or disadvantages for each.

Its been my personal experience that the GPIO is a bit fickle with the firmware getting corrupted but maybe its just me.

I would like to hear some suggestions.

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