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For discussing Phil Tobin's TunerStudio MS is the MegaSquirt edition of TunerStudio, a next generation tuning application. It provides the ability to configure and tune all GPIO/MShift(tm) controllers and is 100% compatible with MegaTune ini files and msq's.
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TunerStudio Links

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TunerStudioMS is the java-based cross-platform tuning software for MegaShift code on GPIO controllers. Here are some useful links for TunerStudioMS information and downloads:

EFI Analytics
TunerStudioMS Main Site: http://www.efianalytics.com/TunerStudio/
TunerStudioMS Downloads: http://www.efianalytics.com/TunerStudio/download
TunerStudioMS Beta Downloads: http://www.efianalytics.com/TunerStudio/beta/
MegaLogViewer: http://tunerstudio.com/index.php?option ... &Itemid=13
Java Run-Time Environment: http://www.java.com/en/download/manual.jsp (required for TunerStudio, but likely already on your computer)
Shadow Logger (for Android devices): http://tunerstudio.com/index.php/shadowloggerms

MShift User Guide for TunerStudioMS: http://www.msgpio.com/manuals/mshift/V22tune.html
Guide to Setting up CAN with MShift: http://www.msgpio.com/manuals/mshift/cpt.html
Video on CAN Setup with MShift: http://www.msgpio.com/manuals/mshift/CAN_setup.wmv
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