gearbox slipping when "kickdown" from 2nd to 1st

A forum for discussing applications and implementations of the MegaShift transmission controller code for the GPIO from B&G. This can control up to 8-speeds and 6 shift solenoids (plus a 16x9 table for controlling a PWM line pressure valve). It has manual and fully automatic modes (16x9 load x speed table), with under and over rev-limit protection, and full data logging of all inputs and outputs (among many other abilities). A TransStim to test your completed board is also available.
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gearbox slipping when "kickdown" from 2nd to 1st

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didnt do this with oe tcu, so must be down to me.

box is zf24hpeh, but lets assume its a gm box (same princilpes)..when i load the gearbox at say 15mph to drop it out of 2nd into 1st (ie boot it) it slips like no go..
now i have been trying to sort by altering line pressures and shift compltion delay etc...but not much success..
now i know i am lacking in autobox knowledge, and have hense been googling galore, but no results of interest.

so got any thoughts as what i need to msq included as its related to box i dont think anyone here is using,principles i am after..

thank you simon

ps other than that is perfect..
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