Ms3pro mpdule and GPIO trans control

A forum for discussing applications and implementations of the MegaShift transmission controller code for the GPIO from B&G. This can control up to 8-speeds and 6 shift solenoids (plus a 16x9 table for controlling a PWM line pressure valve). It has manual and fully automatic modes (16x9 load x speed table), with under and over rev-limit protection, and full data logging of all inputs and outputs (among many other abilities). A TransStim to test your completed board is also available.
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Ms3pro mpdule and GPIO trans control

Post by zeroRYE » Wed Feb 10, 2016 4:52 am

Heyhey, new to the MS scene and putting together my first order and had a question.
I have the Ms3pro manual and have gone through most of the gpio 4l60e stuff. But i wanted to confirm that the GPIO canbus will work with the ms3pro module, as the ms3pro manual says microsquirt trans control via canbus and doesnt list the GPIO as an option. Does it mean it wont communicate with the ms3pro and ill need to run it stand alone?
Would It be a better match if I bought a microsquirt for trans control?
OI really like that the GPIO has a stim pack and I have not seen a stim pack for the microquirt trans setup.
Just gonna be bench testing a bit for a while before actually putting it to an engine so I really need the stim pack capabilities : /
Thanks for your help!!!

Bernard Fife
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Re: Ms3pro mpdule and GPIO trans control

Post by Bernard Fife » Wed Feb 10, 2016 6:11 am


I believe there are a few people using ms3pro with MShift/GPIO. Perhaps some will chime in here. You can also do a search on this forum for "ms3pro" and you'll see some of them. Of course we tend to hear from people who have had issues, so there may be many more ms3 users out there.
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Matt Cramer
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Re: Ms3pro mpdule and GPIO trans control

Post by Matt Cramer » Mon Feb 29, 2016 8:46 am

Yes, the MS3 firmware on the MS3-Pro can be used with the MegaShift code as well as the MicroSquirt code.

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