status 65 and loss of MSShift CAN

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status 65 and loss of MSShift CAN

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Ok Lance,

I am confused. After trying to troubleshoot other issues, I've really goofed something up.

See attached screen shot. After powering up the system, using Bluetooth, I comms working (according to the blinking lights in the lower right hand corner). But when I go to my MSShift screen, TPS load dial is none responsive, and when I start the engine, MSShift is not seeing rpm, and no line pressure, etc.

What has me confused is why "MS-II CAN ID" and "MS-II outpc block" are ghosted?

After applying power, Status =1 (which is normal), after about 15 secs, TS comms comes back, Status=1. After another 7 secs Status changes to 65. Manual says 65= low voltage. But I know that is wrong as MSPro is reporting good voltage (12-13V).

I have attached two screen shots. One now with ghosted stuff, and the other is one I took a while back during bench testing, when I got the CAN working.

I can't figure this out. Need some help.

working CAN screen shot.jpg
working CAN screen shot.jpg (36.68 KiB) Viewed 16482 times
messed up msshift.jpg
messed up msshift.jpg (45.19 KiB) Viewed 16483 times
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Re: status 65 and loss of MSShift CAN

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It looks like MS3 and/or is sending garbage to be burned into the flash memory of MShift, which is causing the CANbus comms to crash. The outpc size setting of 30 is enough by itself to cause your problems, and there are likely other corruption issues too. It could be that TunerStudio is sending the wrong data to MS3, or it could be that TS is sending the right info to MS3 but MS3 is forwarding it incorrectly to the GPIO/MShift. Phil should be able to tell, and you might want to raise the issue with the MS3 developers as well.

The fact that MS2 w/ 2.920 works fine indicates to me that the problem is not with the MShift code itself.

There is another user reporting similar problems to yours, so that should help get this sorted out.

I have also contacted Al to see if there have been any recent developments in the CANbus/serial code that should be incorporated into the MShift code.

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