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Gpio as an EFIS unit for a Light Sport aircraft

Posted: Thu Nov 17, 2016 1:22 pm
by flyguyeddy
*I have already asked the tunerstudio people about the shadowdash part of this*

I want to build an engine monitor system for my air cooled VW aviation engine (in planning stages) that will be displayed onto a tablet mounted on the dash of the aircraft.

Inputs wanted are:
4x egt
4x cht
Oil pressure
Oil temp (oil thermostat will be installed)
Manifold pressure

Are there enough inputs for all this? I could use the Vr input with a crank sensor for rpm, as this engine will likely have a magneto.

Also, i see that DIYautotune has egt kits for somethibg like 32$ each x4. Is there a way to source the parts in that kit for cheaper or is ot not worth my time? The AD595AQ is $18 by itself. All other parts seem like theyd be pocket change.